Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birds From Argentina

These are from Leo's blog Birds of Chacabuco-A place to find pictures of what we cherish.
This Bird and wildlife Photo blog has an incredible collection of bird photos. Leo considers himself an amateur, but in preserving the beauty of Argentina he is an expert. Visit Leo's blog, You'll be glad you did~

Beauty From Andrea in Rio De Janeiro

These three photos are from Photographer Andrea who lives in Rio De Janeiro Brazil, they are on her flickr photostream. Andrea who is "trained in philosophy by usp, photographer and researcher for photography, and is Clarice's mother." You can find beautiful photos and interesting writings on her blog at Caderno Digital (Digital Notebook).
The blog is in Portuguese so use the google translator if you need to.
Be sure to check it out, You'll be glad you did~

Some Sky Watching Photos

This collage photo is from the blog Bowledover which is out of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. There are many beautiful photos on this blog and is a fan and participant in Sky Watch Friday which is a cool on line community and "place to enjoy skies and views from all around the globe"..
This Photo is from today's post on Sky Watch Friday and is the work of
Eric from the Netherlands. Eric's blog is really cool too. Go take a wander, You'll be glad you did~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Towering Windows

This creative window photo is by artist Philippa Johnson whose blog is out of London, England. There's lots of creative pictures and Philippas art work on this blog. I really enjoy how she layers patterns in her photos. It makes for a really interesting picture the way she captures the iron, the pattern on the window, the shadows, not to mention the fame appearing to be a light green. This picture is so pretty, and if you go to her blog you'll see the whole window shot.
You'll be glad you did~

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo's Popping All Over the Place

This blog is Crazy Creative. The blog is Wooman (yeah, just like the Mike Myers song in "So, I Married an Axe Murderer") and that pretty much set's you up for the adventurous Photo's on this incredible blog. This blog is part fashion, and pop art. It's edgy and an adralin rush of creativy! There's some Marilyn, some old vinyl, some cu pie dolls and so much more.It's the creative work of Antonella, Queeondaconvu (I think anyway) There's so much going on at this blog and darn it I have to go to work..

Check it out, You'll be glad you did~

Profile Graphics

Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the Road of Photography

This interesting Steeple Collage picture is from the blog Bended Road Photography which is the creative photography Diary blog of Nicki in West Virgina. Nicki is a self described "Mom with a camera" and who has graduated into taking great pictures of the neighborhood and beyond.This awesome steeple picture was taken while she was on a Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk in Huntington. I love how she writes that "Art is everywhere, All you have to do is look (and have an open mind)"

This beautiful side walk Petunia creeper is case in point of that "all you have to do is look!"
Be sure to check out this Creative Photo Blog, You'll be glad you did~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Camera Is Shooting Dreams

This incredibly perfect picture of the Tower Bridge in London is from the blog
Me and My Camera. There's many more excellent photos where this came from.
Be Sure to check out this beautiful blog, You'll be glad you did~

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ghosts in the Photos

These fascinating pictures are from Vincent Levy's blogs. I first visited his blog Caraquet 2009 with the help of the Google Translator, as Vincent is from Paris and all his blogs are in French. This particular blog is for an Art Residence that he is participating in that is in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Quebec, Canada.

The Caraquet 2009 is a symposium where ten artist are brought together to produce an art installation based on this years theme "Space Cathedral" for a public setting. The Participating Visual artists are from Acadia Maritime, Quebec, Vancover and France.

Vincent Levy has worked in the field of Video and film and his primary focus has been using "time" as his subject. He takes pictures of people and uses these images to present the trace of time and memory. He does this both with digital film and video. In the symposium his installation "Ghosts" is made up of pictures he has taken "on the spot" and displays the ceramic printed with pictures. "Each of these pictures represents a person encountered during his passage, and the Phantom installation archives the history of Acadia. These ceramics are designed to be suspended under a tree that will be installed in the exhibition".
I'm always interested in the creative process and appreciate it when artist such as Vincent let us in to the process and see "behind the scenes."
Be sure to check out these fascinating blogs. You will be glad you did~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

These two cool pictures are from the blog Ruinologias II-"The Word is Time, The silence is Forever" Maeterlinck.
This blog is from JMV who is a professor in South Portugal. The photography on his blog is diverse and very interesting.
Be sure to check it out. You will be glad you did~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rouge in Red

These incredible Photo's are from Diana's blog Dee's Photography.
Diana lives in Transylvania, Romania. The photos on this blog are intimate and moving with an eye for transition and contrast.
Be sure to check out this impressive blog. You will be glad you did~