Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the Road of Photography

This interesting Steeple Collage picture is from the blog Bended Road Photography which is the creative photography Diary blog of Nicki in West Virgina. Nicki is a self described "Mom with a camera" and who has graduated into taking great pictures of the neighborhood and beyond.This awesome steeple picture was taken while she was on a Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk in Huntington. I love how she writes that "Art is everywhere, All you have to do is look (and have an open mind)"

This beautiful side walk Petunia creeper is case in point of that "all you have to do is look!"
Be sure to check out this Creative Photo Blog, You'll be glad you did~

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  1. I'm flattered that you are a follower as well as being mentioned in your blog. Learning my camera has certainly re-opened my eyes to all the wonderment that surrounds us.