Saturday, October 31, 2009

Real Pumpkin Faces

originally uploaded by Elido Turco - Gigi.
Getting a great picture doesn't just come from the "perfect" camera, It can also come from the perfect subject that just happens to be in the most common of places. I am of course a texture junkie so these pumpkin  faces are some of  my favorites which were captured by Elido Turco an Italian Photographer these are from his  Flickr Photostream.

Jucker Farmart

Elido Turco lives in Udine Italy and is a traveling  professional Photographer where his portfolio encompasses every aspect of photography imaginable.  His photo's will take you on a journey through all corners of the world and natural wonders. Be sure to check out Elido's Flickr Photostream as well as his Website.

The pumpkins are from Juker Farmart, a little village of Seegräben,where a farm in Switzerland is a popular destination for a day of fun. It's currently Pumpkin season at the farm and have been the main attraction. .

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